lifeI’m going to try writing on here at least once a month even if it’s only to hold myself accountable to a goal. I sincerely need to have some form of consistency because my life has been anything but that lately. My health has had a big part in that as well as major events ranging from deaths of family/friends to seeing my dad retire. As of right now the biggest issue is hunting for a job that I can enjoy and make a decent wage at.

I decided to take some time off from working at the beginning of the year for both mental and physical health reasons. I felt comfortable doing so because I had a decent bit of money saved up to get through the first half of the year with no help from anyone. However, those savings are drying up and I’m still struggling to get back to a sense of normalcy. I wish that I could say the past few months have been a breeze but talking to my therapist last week forced me to do some reflection and face facts that I’ve really been going through a lot. Read More »